• Clientis has been proposing flexible and concrete solutions for 15 years!

  • The Clientis team is made up of sales experts

  • Clientis speed up your sales


Speed up your sales!

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Did you know?

Sometimes there are challenges for sales people when telemarketing: lack of time, procrastination (or both), insufficient know-how

Tean Orange Tip

You can set up performance monitoring with your sales staff: offer them qualified leads from an external source while asking them to solicit their own meetings at the same time! By working with us, your salespeople will improve and motivate themselves with the winning ingredients of the marketing solution we share with them.

A Block of 550 or 1001 B2B Telemarketing Calls

Are you looking to obtain concrete, measurable results that will allow you to understand your target markets?

This service of cold calling and/or digital B2B telemarketing gets you qualified prospects and relevant leads.

Whether it be to call former clients, develop new markets or explore new niches, you ensure your continued business development.

Our business relationship campaigns help you to be proactive and identify your future clients.

  • Get a picture of your target markets.
  • Take strategic steps to get a return on your effort, energy and investment.
  • Our B2B telemarketing uses methods that have been proven to work with well-known companies (Testimonials)

You can count on quality business relationships that lead to predictive sales.

Our methods and analyses give you the tools to make your marketing strategies more efficient.

Salespeople for Hire, Our Service of B2B Sales Reps

Do you want to complete your team, to replace someone on leave or boost your business development?

Are you interested in developing a niche market without recruiting?

Clientis’ service of B2B sales reps makes it possible for you to hire one or more account managers for the duration and intensity you want (outsourcing sales).

Our B2B Sales Rep service saves you time because:

  • You avoid a risky recruitment process (turnover and training),
  • You save on costs (offices, computers, vacation pay, sick leave, etc…)
  • You invest in a flexible solution.

So what does this service have to offer?

  • An extension of your sales department with one or more reps
  • Booking meetings for real sales opportunities
  • A rigorous methodology that has been proven for well-known companies (testimonial)

With our “Salespeople for Hire” service you can also replace a salesperson on paternity or sick leave.


Incoming Calls – WOWtel – Mystery Calls

  • Do you want to improve your ‘closing’ numbers?
  • Are you so busy at times that you miss incoming calls?
  • Do you see a need to improve the way your incoming calls are handled?

WOWtel is the solution to help you.

  • Share your challenges with our sales experts. Our mystery calls provide valuable performance evaluation that will improve your sales.

Other B2B sales aids that can be quickly implemented:

  • Our B2B Marketing tool: custom mailings: Increase your sales and visibility with mailings created by our team of professionals.
  • Our B2B mailing follow-up calls: increase the ‘hits’ from your mailing with B2B telemarketing performed by our professionals (success with a multichannel strategy).
  • Our B2B database cleaning (updates, improvement).

Increase the number of participants at your events


Clientis’ event marketing service will help you to increase the number of participants at your events.

Our consultants take charge of the traditional and digital promotion of your event by:

  • Taking charge of the marketing campaign for your event,
  • Turning interest into registrations
  • Managing Opt-ins (within the framework of Bill C-28)

Clientis shows creativity with its marketing approach for each event by doing a thorough analysis of the marketing strategy and knowledge of current best practices.


To increase your knowledge!

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  • Successful businesspeople celebrating with the cup in hands. 


Did you know?

Only 20% of motivational conferences will have a longterm effect on participants. Most speakers on sales haven’t worked in sales for a long time.

Team Orange tip

The added value of a live training session is the improved knowledge transfer. These concrete tools are ready to be used and represent a real improvement in the way to sell.



HELP YOUR SALES PEOPLE to increase their performance?

Clientis’ training courses use efficient learning techniques and transferable advice because our trainers are, first and foremost, experienced sales professionals who are still out in the field (thanks, to our Salespeople for Hire outsourcing contracts) and are therefore not academics cut off from the current world of sales.

Our sales training

  • Provides concrete tools using interactive learning techniques.
  • Will motivate your teams with the infectious energy and enthusiasm of our trainers.


Some examples of sales training:

1 Inquiry = 1 Sale: How to go from inquiry to closing the sale.

1,2,3 Sell!!!: How to close your sales faster.

Turn Satisfied Clients into Your Ambassadors: How to get your clients to promote your goods and services.

1001 Aspects of Business Development for Overwhelmed Professionals: How to apply winning formulas to speed up the sales process.

Great Presentations Mean Great Sales!!!: How to have greater impact with your prospects.

In Search of Clients: How to deploy your resources in a structured and effective way

Salespeople vs Ambassadors: How to separate sales from public relations.

CRM and Its Users: determining factors for the success of your business development!

Telefun©!!!: How to perform when cold calling inaccessible contacts.


Do you need to give your sales team a boost?

Are you organising a sales meeting and looking for a speaker?

  • Clientis offers a dynamic motivational speaker to create an event at your next meeting or conference
  • Clientis shakes up your audience, wakes up your sales staff and makes you laugh!

Some examples of available motivational conferences:

  • Conference on TELEFUN to stimulate cold calling
  • Motivational conference Great Presentations Mean Great Sales!
  • Motivational conference on closing the sale

To make your event a success, include a Clientis motivational conference.

Our motivational conferences are known for their quality and their impact.


Do you have to train your sales staff but don’t have the time or feel that an external trainer who knows business tourism can take your staff to the next level with new tools?

Clientis offers you the possibility to benefit from our specialised expertise in your field (expertise which we have built up over the course of many years of business tourism contracts).

Our Tourism and Hotel Training:

  • Gives you the concrete, result oriented techniques that are completely adapted for increasing sales in the tourism industry.
  • May be eligible for a deduction in accordance with the Act to Promote Workforce Skills Development and Recognition.

Some specialised training for tourism and hotels:

1 Inquiry = 1 Sale: or how to close an incoming call as a registration and not just a reservation.

For Hotels Does a Site Inspection Simply Mean Providing Information?`: It’s a chance to shine for our clients: be creative and pay attention!

Telefun or how to solicit business and sell, adapted for business tourism

Other Training Sessions adapted for tourism and hotels.

More than just a reference for the tourism industry, Clientis has become a one-stop shop for tourism and hotel business-development servicesé


Is getting your sales staff to make the real changes that will increase your sales, a priority?

With Clientis, you benefit from practical advice and get demonstrable results from the moves you make.

Our sales coaching is the perfect marriage between our proven sales expertise and the specific challenges faced by your salespeople. It isn’t theoretical, it’s a hands-on approach, we provide the tools that your salespeople practice on site.

Our sales coaches are sales professionals who practice what they preach every day, selling for many different sectors. They walk the talk and talk what they walk!

Our sales coaching ensures rapid ROI because your business puts into practice the proposed improvements right away. The feedback from the Clientis coach is so immediate that best practices are understood quickly getting the sort of results that are victories for the sales person.

Some examples of Clientis sales coaching:

Sales coaching for efficient telemarketing (cold calling): Telefun

Sales coaching on best practices for sales reps.

WOWtel, mystery calls

Whether the coaching be for a half-day or over a series of weeks, Clientis conveys knowledge completely adapted to your needs.

Clientis sales coaching may be eligible for a deduction in accordance with the Act to Promote Workforce Skills Development and Recognition.



Are you wondering what image callers get from your salespeople?

  • WOWtel is a series of mystery calls followed by training on the improvement your salesperson needs according what was observed during the call.
  • WOWtel allows us to see where improvement is needed by listening to your sales staff on the phone. Then in our Boot Camps your salespeople become the authors of their progress and you get concrete results at the same time!

Effectively, Clientis gives your sales staff the possibility to put our advice to work by ‘on-the-job’ training with our coaches. You will therefore have the chance to see results in terms of leads, meetings with prospective clients who receive actual cold calls.

Some examples of WOWtel:

WOWtel – Individual :

  • 5 mystery calls / person
  • 1 succinct report of the calls
  • 1 half-day boot camp for your salesperson at our offices
  • 5 mystery calls from the same person over the following 4 weeks
  • 1 succinct report on the same person

WOWtel – Group:

  • 5 mystery calls where each attempt is considered a call
  • 5 salespeople or 5 different situations with 2 or 3 salespeople
  • 1 succinct report of the calls
  • 1 customised training for the 2,3 or 5 targeted salespeople
  • 5 mystery calls where each attempt is considered a call
  • 1 succinct report of the calls


5 mystery calls per person, where each attemp is considered a call



Speed up your sales! 

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  • Market_research

Did you know?

It only takes 3 hours of face to face talks in our office to get the big picture and practical advice to improve your sales.

Team Orange tip

Relying on indicators like your intuition and/or some sporadic comments is a very perilous approach.

Using concrete market research with solid reliable methodology is setting the stage for future success.


Have you decided its time to do a comprehensive review of your sales and to obtain an objective external opinion?

Clientis’ Sales Consultants have gained experience over the years in a multitude of sectors, sometimes in very complex sales situations.

Our sales consultation:

  • Gives you tried and tested advice (simple advice using the principles of ROI and professionalism).
  • Allows you to benefit from a new perspective of your business development (creativity, improving the sales dynamic).
  • Motivates and brings your team together around a unifying sales project.

Examples of Clientis sales consultations:

  • For a sales and cold call retool.
  • To define client benefits (Characteristics, advantages, benefits table).
  • To manage and motivate the sales team


Clientis market research gives you the RIGHT ANSWERS to the RIGHT QUESTIONS

Are you looking to develop a new niche market? Or test a new service, new software, a new product?

With Clientis,

  • You get professional, rigorous methodology to prepare the market research: the RIGHT QUESTIONS
  • You benefit from efficient pragmatic expertise in the conducting and interpretation of the market research results: the RIGHT ANSWERS

These answers are of considerable value to you: they are PRIMARY DATA  obtained from targets that you identified for YOUR PROJECTS.

Some examples of market research and marketing research:

  • Analyses of potential B2B markets
  • Benchmarking
  • Evaluation, interest surveys…
  • Client motivation buying surveys
  • Analysis of the competition

Discover how to position your products and services in relation to your competition with market research done by Clientis.


For many years, Clientis has been specialising in business tourism.

Clientis has already offered our expertise to over 150 well-known companies in the tourism-hotel sector and many others and we have been speakers at Infopresse, MPI, QAPC, CSAE and Tourisme Laurentides events amongst others.

Béatrice Javaudin, President of Clientis was honoured with MPI’s (Meeting Professional International) GMID Influence Award for the quality of her work in business tourism!

Clientis Annual Market Research:

Every year since 2008, Clientis conducts quantitative research by phone with meeting planners thereby obtaining primary source data. We summarise the results in a report available upon demand and normally present the most significant findings during a special meeting organised by Clientis.

In 2015, as in 2011, the research included a qualitative section, which was gathered during a Focus Group entitled “Les Échanges Gourmands”. Around the table meeting planners and suppliers exchanged ideas.

This extensive market research gives the different suppliers in the event industry the possibility to adapt their proposals to have the greatest chance of success in making the sale.




Take advantage of efficient, concrete, dynamic solutions and measure the results rapidly.

Here are 3 reasons our clients trust Clientis, year after year:


We maximise your business development, truly saving your company and your sales staff time.


Based on your situation, you choose the terms and conditions for the actions that we suggest. Our involvement is according to your needs and business development objectives.


We identify which of your clients/prospects that show the best potential (sales representation service). Results are tangible. You will be far more time efficient following up on quality leads than chasing a quantity of leads. You benefit from techniques proven to improve your business development (sales training and consulting).


Clientis provides your business with strategic advice for your predictive marketing.

Our effective and dynamic B2B approach, based on rigorous methodology, helps to accelerate your marketing plans.


Clientis is a one-stop B2B sales resource centre known for its reliability, creativity and global strategic approach.

Clientis’ strategic 2020 plan keeps us on the cutting edge and we know how to share our winning ingredients.


A logo that shows who we are






The 7 fundamental values for the Clientis team

Excellence and Thoroughness: Innovate, have the desire to improve, go beyond, exceptional professionalism, be exacting.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Energetic, lively, take responsibility, accountable, take charge, take initiative.

Adaptability and Flexibility: Ability to deal positively with change and new situations.

Respect: Clients, deadlines, colleagues, time management.

Team Synergy: Help each other and communicate.

Integrity: Credibility, professional ethics, respect confidentiality.

Originality and Creativity: Love to surprise, present projects differently, innovate, exceed expectations, provide value-added service.





Sell your services more efficiently using the analysis and results of a Clientis marketing campaign!

With an innovative business model you will get new prospects and real sales opportunities.

CONFERENCES and TRAINING for your team

The result of many years of onsite experience in business development, Clientis training and conferences are dynamic concrete and efficient. We are not academic theoreticians but actual sales people who deliver concrete results.

ADVICE that gets you to market

Clientis recognised expertise in sales management (consulting, market research, customer satisfaction surveys…) and in CRM (managing the client relationship)gives you the tools to invigorate your strategies and optimise your business development.


The Clientis Team, the heart of the company!

Our B2B Consultants and our Account Managers are known for their energy and reliability. They become your ambassadors! At Clientis, they grow by developing their relationship strengths.

Our senior team members, supervisors and managers represent you! They guide the Consultants and Account Managers helping them to improve!

At Clientis, we manage careers not jobs!

Béatrice Javaudin, President

After graduating in Europe with a degree in business administration, Béatrice Javaudin acquired solid international business experience while working in 6 different countries for Royal Air Morocco, the Accor Group, Travelodge, and Fairmont Le Château Montebello.

Her track record of achievements and successes over her more than 20 years in sales and marketing include being named saleswoman of the month for the Quebec/Ottawa region six times! In 1999, she was elected President of the Advisory Board for the 6 Fairmont hotels of the Quebec/Ottawa region. In 2001, she founded Clientis; a company that specialises in businesses development.

As President of Clientis, Béatrice Javaudin knew how to make the company a leader in customer service excellence. Thanks to her energy and enthusiasm, Clientis quickly became a company recognized and appreciated in Quebec for helping with business development.

Beatrice Javaudin, an approved by Emploi-Québec trainer, skilfully communicates her know-how with all her trademark energy and professionalism. Her very concrete approach and her sales knowledge make her the best partner for your company’s development. In April of 2014, Béatrice was honoured with Meeting Professional International’s GMID Influence Award. To reach her, please call 514-831-0811 or e-mail.

Véronique Paquignon, General Manager

As head of operations and client service at Clientis since 2012, Véronique Paquignon’s primary responsibility is to manage the various software CRM (Customer Relationship Management) database as well as ensuring the quality of all client deliverables. She also remains continuously in contact with clients with regards to new accounts and managing performance reports.

Her previous experience involved conducting different market analyses in France and Quebec.

She obtained her Masters in “foreign Languages applied to business and trade with a speciality in marketing”, from the University of Limoges in France. To reach her, please call 514-831-0811 or e-mail.


Clientis, an active team!


Clientis has always been involved in the community with the same energy and infectious motivation that is the trademark of its team!

Clientis supports Young Entrepreneur Projects and is consistently involved with Chambers of Commerce across Quebec as well as professional associations to stimulate economic development. Clientis is a jury member for the ARISTA competition organised by la Jeune Chambre de Commerce de Montréal. The aim is to recognise the talent and success of young business people.

Clientis is involved socially in various volunteer organisations, entrepreneurial committees amongst others. Our team has been volunteering for several years in causes such as ‘Back to School’ which helps dropouts go back to school, the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the walks for Breast Cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, etc.

Clientis has Well-Being at the top of its priorities. This is why numerous activities are proposed to employees. They benefit from internal coaching, competitions to build healthy rivalries between employees and spontaneous activities like chair yoga or stress management courses.

Clientis would like to thank all of its employees, partners and clients for helping in these endeavours, which help make the company and the world a better place.


Since 2008, rather than send out traditional Holiday Promotions and cards, Clientis has preferred to participate actively in a greener world, therefore we have financed the planting of 50 trees in its clients names to wish them a Happy New Year.

Internally, a Green Committee was organised to continually find new eco-solutions. For example, employees, limit their use of paper and recycle their ink cartridges and trash.



“Clientis understands our vision and objectives and your team is always very professional. I recommend that any company that needs sales help, to call on you!” IT Sector

“Thank you Clientis for your expertise in qualifying leads and your solid ability in client relations. On top of everything, it has been a real pleasure working with such a welcoming, devoted team. » Tourism Sector “Nous remercions Clientis pour son expertise en qualification de prospects et sa solide compétence en relationnel client. De plus, c’est un réel plaisir de collaborer avec une équipe aussi chaleureuse et dévouée.” Secteur touristique

Having worked with Clientis for many years, I feel like they have been part of our team forever and that they understand our vision and our objectives. They are an excellent investment for a company that is expanding.” Hotel Sector


Using concrete and adapted examples, Clientis, provides truly pertinent tips to closing more sales.” Travel Sector

“The trainer’s enthusiasm is contagious, her professionalism and innovativeness made the training a huge success; our participants level of satisfaction, 92%, is the proof.” Transportation Sector

“Their team is focused on our business reality and uses concrete tools. The fact that the training is filled with real life experiences and that the approach is customised makes the learning easy.” Financial Sector


Thank you Clientis for everything you have done and will do for us. We would not hesitate to strongly recommend you to many companies for your consultation services.” Hotel Sector.

“Clientis immediately understood our vision and objectives. With regards to their consultation services, I strongly recommend that companies with a need to orient their strategies in customer service, do business with Clientis. Their solutions are flexible, efficient and above all concrete.” Real Estate Sector


Are you looking for a stimulating and rewarding job experience?

Clientis is growing rapidly. Join a dynamic team where you can acquire a diverse and recognised work experience.

Clientis, Accelerating Your Career

  • If you are energetic,
  • If you want to learn quickly in order to build your expertise,
  • If you love team challenges,
  • If you have a heightened sense of service and professionalism,
  • If you want to enjoy surpassing yourself…

Positions Available

Clientis is always growing and constantly seeking B2B consultants for short term and long term contracts as well as sales and special project apprentices. If you are motivated and passionate about sales and customer service, apply today to get noticed in a rewarding job in a dynamic company! Tell others about us!

So send us your résumé today to this e-mail: carrieres@clientis.ca

We promise to keep your résumé on file and contact you as soon an opportunity to collaborate arises.

N.B. More and more companies are calling on Clientis to find business development professionals. Once you are in our candidate database, we can propose you for other opportunities.
Candidate Database for the following positions:

  • B2B Consultant
  • Apprentice B2B Business Development
  • Account Manager

The Clientis Experience, to maximise your job future.


Contact us to speed up your sales!

Take advantage of efficient, concrete, dynamic solutions and measure the results rapidly.


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